Intel SRCS28X 8-Port SATA II RAID Controller

Intel SRCS28X 8-Port SATA II RAID Controller

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Product Description

Intel SRCS28X SATA II RAID Controller

An 8-Port Serial ATA II RAID Solution for Applications Requiring High Performance and Reliability

Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X

The Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X delivers a storage solution
that helps protect critical data while enabling enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability in the server itself for growing businesses.
It supports a high-performance bus, extensive memory, and a
flexible and accessible approach to system setup and management.


Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X Features

Features Benefits
Eight independent Serial ATA ports supporting SATA II connections at 1.5 Gb/sec and 3.0 Gb/sec High data-transfer rate, increased availability and flexibility.
128 MB of embedded ECC DDR SDRAM Data integrity and performance.
Optional battery-backup unit providing up to 72 hours of data retention for cache memory Data reliability.
Support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50 Flexibility for optimizing performance and fault tolerance in a variety of solutions.
SATA II extensions and SAF-TE enclosure-management support Hot-swap drive support and drive status/identification for SATA II drives.
Intel® RAID Software: Intel RAID BIOS Console, Intel RAID Web Console, and Intel RAID Flash Utilities Ease of management and monitoring.
Intel® 80331 250MHz I/O processor Outstanding RAID performance.

Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X Specifications
Processor Intel® IOP331 I/O processor operating at 250 MHz and with hardware XOR.
Memory 128MB embedded ECC DDR SDRAM.
PCI Interface PCI-X 133MHz or 100MHz, PCI 66MHz, or PCI 32-bit/33MHz; PCI 2.2 interface backward-compatible to 33MHz, with support for 3.3V.
Serial ATA Eight SATA ports that support Serial ATA II extensions for hot-plug and enclosure management.
Form Factor Full-height, half-length PCI: 6.9" x 4.2" (175 mm x 107 mm).
Status Indicators Audible alarm, I²C connector (enclosure management)
Key RAID Features
RAID Levels Supported 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50.
Reliability Optional battery-backup unit for up to 72 hours of cache data retention.
Scalability Online RAID-level migration and capacity expansion, without the need for reboot.
Configurability Variable stripe size, variable cache options, drive coercion, array spanning, variable rebuild rate.
Availability Auto hot-spare, auto rebuild, auto rebuild resume, drive roaming, controller migration, online capacity expansion, remote monitoring and management.
Operating System Support1 Microsoft* Windows Server* 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft* Windows* 2000 Advanced Server, Novell* NetWare*, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux*, SCO* OpenServer*, SCO* UnixWare, SUSE* LINUX* Professional, SUSE* LINUX* Enterprise Server.


Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X Product Brief [PDF 140KB]

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